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  Global Solutions Private Ltd. is entity established in United Kingdom since 2019 to expand our family’s global presence in manufacturing parts (Alliance).

        Global Solutions Private Ltd, UK is established in 2019 and mainly focused to meet technology and manufacturing needs arises within UK. We are highly focused on demand processing originated from UK to match with Alliance portfolio with help of our state of the art platform "NextGen" powered by Artificial Intelligence. 

We perform extensive match and maintain up to date information through our "NextGen" platform e.g. supplier track record, product range, market segment, competitors, price, quality variations, local transit cost, international presence and other local factors which is very important while opening a trade with overseas supplier.



Journey of our alliance...

Manufacturer of Submersible pumps and Diesel engines manufacturer in Indian agriculture since 1968

  • Manufacturer of Industrial and Agriculture water motor and pumps in India since 1995

  • Manufacturer of 3 wheel passenger rickshaw in India since 1998

  • Manufacturer of Large scale industrial generators and alternators for Renewable energy sector in APAC and EU since 2002

  • Manufacturer of Automobile components in APAC and EU since 2002

  • Manufacturer of Defence research and production components for aviation industry since 2005

  • Our two new entities expanding their reach to UK and Germany to meet demands in Automotive, Aviation and Industrial equipment components



Delivering precision products in seamless manner

International customers from APAC and countries in EU are relying on our state of the art manufacturing facility based in Gujarat, India…

  • Defence aviation components in India

  • Renewable energy equipment and alternators in EU Govt.

  • Automobile components for car manufacturers in India, Germany and Japan

  • Agriculture heavy duty machinery in India

  • Earth moving and heavy duty machinery components in India



Global Solutions Private Ltd, UK is strategic entity established in UK to meet market demands originated within UK who are looking for quality parts manufacturing from our alliance offshore facility with highest precision and custom specifications.

Our global integration and collaboration of people, local support and manufacturing technology is our key strength and unique value proposition, which accelerates growth and improves bottom line for our esteemed customers.


We maintain Customer confidentiality and have Long Track record of satisfied customers in Government and Private sectors. Continuous investment in upgrading manufacturing facility is unique aspect to secure sustainable growth and deliver vision for our company and customers.


​Our alliance have made large investment to develop state of the art Manufacturing facility based in Gujarat, India. Our workforce is highly qualified and equipped with top manufacturing software technology and highest standard precision machines from International suppliers. We maintain and operate with international H&S environment. Our single alliance has capacity of over 500MT per month and large expansion capacity of up to 2000MT to meet customer demands. Our alliance have international standards including ISO and IATF to meet our broad customer demands from UK.


We have team of experts and advisors across industry verticals to maintain core capability. We work with our alliance to do Design, Manufacturing and Testing as per our customer requirements. We do component re-engineering for sensitive parts, complex composite mixture and manufacture large scale heavy duty components. We have state of the art quality laboratory and digital inspection process using latest machines sourced from India, USA, Germany and Japan. We have in-house heavy duty stress testing facility.


We have collaboration with world's largest logistic and supply chain partners to deliver components to the door step of our international customers to keep their production line fully operational.


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