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What You Need to Know

What is "NextGen"

"NextGen" is our powerful AI based software which enables supply and demand match between manufacturer based in India and customers in UK. It enables to streamline logistics and supply chain cost at effective cost for both manufacturer and customer.

What is GSPL's main stream business

We invest in Digital and IT technology to infuse efficiency in customers overseas  procurement and recommendation to right logistics channel to achieve JIT delivery. We ensure that we maintain pre screened manufacturers to comply with international standards and track record. We identify them with help of our local community support groups so that customer demands can be met in efficient manner within UK.
Our strategic direction is to build and invest in Digital control system, IT network products and autonomous vehicle modules at affordable price.

Does GSPL own manufacturing facility in India?

No. GSPL doesn't own manufacturing facility in India, we have no intention to do so in near future. Our family ties and partners have made multi million investment based in India, so rather than reinventing the whole wheel we are using that wheel to quickly benefit UK market with help of our "NextGen" interface.

How you sustain financially?

We collect very small fees for operational cost and to maintain our IT platform to deliver greatest benefit with help of latest technology. We have tailor made packages to suit our customer needs and it costs as low as zero.
Our standard fees applies to manufacturers based on agreement. 
Our premium support packages comes at an extra cost including: GAP, Design, Reverse engineering, Add-on Quality check reports etc.

How we benefit from GSPL - "NextGen"?

"NextGen" matches exclusive portfolio of our manufacturer with our UK based demand with help of AI and opens a door for brand new opportunities and volume for our manufacturers in terms of getting access of UK market. For UK customers its rich, transparent and honest experience while doing procurement from overseas. It comes at no extra cost, no fuss, no hassle!

How can I be assured about quality?

We follow very strict governance and verification process while on boarding to our supplier portal. Some of the parameters we consider are local market reputation and track record, which is supported with help of our strong network of local support and community. For specific quality agreements we include "sample" approach to make sure our customer receives assured quality vs supplier builds as per agreed standards.