Our Core Manufacturing Process and Capabilities

What we do and How we operate?

Global Solutions Private Ltd, UK has expertise in helping UK based customers to identify existing product gaps with help of technology.

We use AI based system "NextGen" to do perfect match between products. Our team of experts ensures that every inquiry passes through our strict governance criteria before we open a door between manufacturer and consumer (b2b).

We don't want to be big!

We follow strict guidelines and ethos to handle and personalize every customer inquiry. We make sure that our business customer feels the same experience while buying overseas product same as buying from home land.

Over the edge, we have collaborative partners in UK and India to work with our customers to ensure that their desired product meets required quality standards and affordable to source.

To achieve this, we have team of technology, manufacturing and control system experts and advisors having industry experience over 30 years to make supplier identification process as smooth as possible on behalf of our customer. We have variety of manufacturers based in India and UK to support large range of products into our portfolio starting from Digital and IT systems, control system, core manufacturing and autonomous vehicle segment. 

Extensive services include complete design, development and reverse engineering of products / parts and custom product development to meet our customer demands.

Our collaborators and partners have wider presence in the market and they are the best in local source of supply.

Our suppliers ensures that products meets desired quality standards before it gets packaged. This approach heavily reduces dual cost on packaging and logistics. We have very strict quality standard requirements and we ensure to adhere compliance requirements with help of our state of the art sample process governed by internal body. from all our suppliers to sampling process.

For our premium customers, we provide inspection reports carried out by third party expert labs at an extra minimal offshore cost.

If you aren't sure then please inquire more about quality requirements via filling a form on this website.

We have partnership to comply with various standards including but not limited to - in depth material and composition analysis, CMM, heavy duty stress test, fire test, temperature test and voltage test etc.

Safe handling and on time delivery is minimum standard for our UK based customers, hence why we have tailor made list of preferred and most recommended logistic supply chain partners to safely handle goods from factory to factory. Our intelligent software "NextGen" makes sure it choose the correct logistic company for goods handling and surface.

In general overseas procurement is not that easy, it is cheaper but sometimes it knocks unintended issues and puts your business at a huge risk, incurs excessive cost and leaves bitter experience at occasions. Often it affects production line, company's bottom line and market reputation as well. Keeping such overseas challenges in mind, we have designed a fantastic business model powered by "NextGen" truly intelligent software which works with help of local people support and makes b2b experience delightful for everyone.

We have expertise in building technology platform, family network of manufacturers and relationships including domestic market influence to make sure we deliver the promised quality product at effective cost. 

Our group companies serve government, defense, public and private sector companies across India, APAC, Middle east, U.S.A., and countries in Europe. We are expanding our footprints in United Kingdom to meet manufacturing needs in Digital Technology, Controls system, core manufacturing and Automation demands. Our global integration and collaboration of people and technology is our key strength and unique value proposition, which accelerates growth and improves bottom line for our international customers.

To know more and submit your requirement or become a partner in delivering quality products please submit inquiry through form on website or email us at: contact@gspl.uk